Benefits of Multifocal Contacts

The National Eye Institute estimates that about 45 million Americans use contact lenses. These contact lenses help in rectifying near or short vision. However, if you have issues with both, your optometrist may recommend multifocal contacts. If you have not made the decision yet, here are a few things you need to know about multifocal contacts.

How Multifocal Contacts Work

Multifocal contacts are lenses that contain two or more prescriptions. The most popular ones are known as bifocal. Others include trifocal contacts and progressive lenses. Multifocal contacts allow your eyes to alternate focus between several functions like reading road signs, your GPS, and checking your rear-view mirror while driving.

Multifocal contacts have different sections that have different prescription powers. Some of these multifocal lenses include:

  • Progressive lenses. These lenses offer a very seamless transition from one area in your vision to another.

  • Segmented lenses. These lenses resemble traditional bifocal and trifocal features in glasses that have distinctively divided focus areas.

  • Concentric lenses. These lenses feature rings of vision correction instead of traditional sections. They are better for contacts.

But multifocal contact lenses are not recommended for people with chronic dry eye. It is a common condition among people above middle age and who have been wearing contacts for a long time.

Benefits of Multifocal Contacts

After understanding how multifocal contact lenses work, you have a decision to make. Consider some of the benefits of using these lenses.

Reduces Your Dependency on Prescription Glasses

When you get past the age of 40, your vision changes. You may require different pairs of glasses for different distances, which can be frustrating. You may find yourself searching for many pairs of prescription glasses.

This may be because you cannot adapt to progressive glass lenses. They may also not be able to properly correct your vision for recreational and progressive purposes. For all these situations, multifocal contact lenses are quite handy.

Give You More Freedom

Multifocal contact lenses offer you more freedom to have an unencumbered and active lifestyle. This is because it improves your vision at all levels. This includes near, far, and intermediate-vision depending on the prescribed lens model.

In most cases, when you use the proper multifocal contact lenses, you do not need additional corrective glasses to improve your vision. This may significantly improve the quality of your life.

They Are Functional

If you have been wearing contact lenses, you do not have to deal with issues of poor peripheral vision and weight that are associated with glasses. Additionally, if the distance correction you experience does not surpass one diopter for astigmatism, multifocal contact lenses can be beneficial to you.

However, these lenses can still help you if your astigmatism exceeds that. It will only take longer for your eyes to appropriately adjust. Also, multifocal contact lenses are quite beneficial if you need several powers for switching between different ranges all day. They offer convenience and functionality. When making your decision, it is important to involve the help of experts in eye care.

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