Can I Get Glasses the Same Day?

Anyone who has suddenly found themselves with broken or lost eyeglasses has wondered how to get immediate replacements. If you completed an eye exam and need glasses, you want to know how soon you can get them. 


If you want to know whether you can get glasses before the end of the day, the simple answer is yes. But unless it is a real emergency, you may want to choose the best glasses, which might take a few days. 



Getting Same-Day Glasses



The time one needs to get new glasses following the doctor's prescription will depend on your situation. There are several factors to consider when getting glasses. The factors include your purchase location, prescription, lens modifications, and frame availability. 


Different locations will have different timelines for glasses. If you want to get lens modifications such as scratch resistance or anti-glare, you may have to wait longer. If your prescription is complex, you need more than a day to get your glasses. 



Choosing the Right Frame



An important decision you must make when buying glasses is the type of frame you want. Unless you already know what you want, it may be a good idea to give it a day or two. You might also find that the frame you want is not readily available in your location. 

Have you worn some frames in the doctor’s office and loved them? In that case, you can go ahead and get them the same day. If, on the other hand, the frame you want is not in stock, you may need to order and wait. 



In-house Optical Labs



You can find in-house optical labs in many optometric offices. When this is the case, you can get your eyeglasses the same day or even within the hour. The labs make glass lenses on the same day. 


In some cases, outside optical lab services may be necessary if the eyeglass designs and lens power require fabrication. If you need glasses the same day, ask the optometrist about the availability of the in-house service. 



Do You Need an Exam?



You will need to have a prescription from your eye doctor before purchasing the eyeglasses. If your previous prescription is still valid, you will not need a new exam. But if your last prescription has expired, you need a new eye exam. 


Eyeglass prescriptions will usually expire in one or two years. So if you need new glasses, schedule an exam immediately. Depending on your needs, you can get the exam and purchase the glasses in the same office. 



The Eye Doctor’s Office



There are benefits to getting glasses from your eye doctor. You can get an eye exam and glasses without having to wait another day. Having them with you to respond to any concerns you may have is very helpful. 


The doctor can help with any concerns, such as knowing what your insurance covers for your vision. If you do not find the frame you want at the doctor’s office, visit a nearby store with your prescription. Also, you can shop online to get glasses on the same day. 


For more on getting glasses the same day, visit Optique Vision at our office in Albany, New York. You can call (518) 302-2106 today to schedule an appointment.

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