Halloween Eye Safety for Kids and Adults

Eye safety should happen all year round. People should especially not neglect it during Halloween. Dressing like a pirate can be fun. However, you probably don’t want to wear a bandage over your eye for several weeks because of an injury.

Being extra vigilant to keep your eyes safe can protect them against injury. The last thing you want to do is to visit an emergency department during Halloween. Read on to learn Halloween eye safety for kids and adults.



Choosing the right costume for Halloween can be a highlight of the celebration. It is fun picking the outfit of your liking. But your scary costume can become a real-life nightmare if it poses any danger. Sometimes, costumes can cause problems that lead to unexpected eye injuries.

Halloween accessories, such as wigs and masks, can block your eyes. As a result, you may find it hard to walk when your vision is not so clear. Ensure the costume you choose does not affect your peripheral or side vision. If you or your child needs prescription glasses to see, ensure the outfit you pick accommodates that.


Pointed Objects

Props can make the Halloween celebration fun. However, it can also be dangerous. Some, such as wands, sticks, or swords, need handling with care. Children should not carry anything that can poke their eyes. 


Colored Contacts

You should be careful if you want to wear colored or decorative contacts during Halloween. They can help make your costume outstanding. However, they may not be entirely safe. Contact lenses sold without a prescription have the potential to harm your eyes. They can cause infection, corneal abrasion, allergic reactions, and blindness. 

Avoid wearing contact lenses that your eye doctor or specialist has not prescribed. Doing so will ensure the safety of your eyes.



Makeup and face paint are an integral part of Halloween. However, it is essential to use the right products before painting your face or your child’s. Avoid the eye area by applying the makeup carefully. Remember that you can get an eye injury or infection if any of the makeup gets into the eyes.

Hypoallergenic products are often the safest. Carry a wet towel or washcloth to wipe off any running makeup to avoid affecting your eyes. You can also opt not to do face painting or makeup and wear a mask. 



Halloween can make you explore your creativity. However, it is essential to ensure that whatever you wear is visible to road users and cars. Apart from your eyes getting injured, you can also harm your entire body if your eyes get obstructed. Be extra vigilant and keep your eyes away from harm. 

Consider trick or treating when there are lights or during the day. Doing so will allow your kids to see better. They will also be visible to other people like motorists. Whenever you are out in the dark, make yourself visible.

Failure to do so can cause someone to poke or cause harm to your eyes accidentally. Allow your children to wear bright colors or reflective clothing if they stay out in the evening. Carrying flashlights can also help increase their visibility.

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