How Do I Know If My Child Has Myopia?

In a vast majority of cases, myopia develops in childhood. Genetics is a primary factor. So if you have a family history of nearsightedness, take your child for an eye exam. The recommendation is that you do this when they are between six and twelve months of age.


Eye exams will mitigate vision problems that can make your child’s life frustrating. Vision problems can also make them miss vital developmental milestones.


Signs of Myopia


Your child may be an infant or at an age where they can talk and effectively communicate. Whatever the case, there are signs you can note. Do not pass them off as childhood quirks. Observe and evaluate the situation. To be sure, note the signs down and visit a pediatric eye doctor. They have the skills and training to make heads and tails of the situation.

So, what are these signs you should note?


Frequent Headaches


Keep track of your child’s headache complaints. Headaches can result from eye muscles that constantly strain. They can also be due to allergies or changes in barometric pressure. If your child is experiencing headaches more than once a week, it may signify vision problems.


Check with their teacher and the school nurse if there have been incidences at school. It can inform your decision to visit a pediatric eye doctor since classwork requires them to focus for extended periods.




Squinting can be unconscious or conscious. It is an action that helps the eyes temporarily focus and see the object before them. It causes minute changes in the tension of the eye muscles. These changes cause them to regulate the light entering the eye for clear vision.


Closing One Eye to Read


If your child closes one eye to read, it indicates a vision problem. They will shut the weaker eye to avoid blurry vision. It is a visual discrepancy in your child’s eyes indicative of myopia. The tactic can also be conscious or unconscious. Whatever the case, note it.


Rubbing Eyes

When children rub their eyes, it is a sign of discomfort. It can be indicative of eyestrain or a headache. Whatever the case, note this sign. It is common in children who spend a lot of time on digital screens. If this is the case, limit their screen time and note if the signs will continue. If they do, make an appointment with the pediatric eye doctor.


Excessive Eye Watering

Discomfort from eyestrain can result in eye irritation. When the eye experiences irritation, it causes an overabundance of tears. These tears flow involuntarily from the eyes. Jot it down when you notice your child’s eyes consistently becoming watery.


Holding Objects Close to Their Face

Children holding objects like books or digital screens close to their faces may be the first sign of myopia. They may also sit close to the television to see clearly.




Taking your child to a pediatric eye doctor will save them from other vision problems as they grow older. Prevention is always better than cure.


For more information on myopia, contact Optique Vision at our office in Albany, New York. You can call (518) 302-2106 to book an appointment today.

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