MiSight© Daily Contact Lenses for Myopia Management

Myopia, or nearsightedness, is an eye condition that usually begins in childhood. Children’s eyes grow and develop rapidly, and their sight can worsen with age. If the eyes grow too long or elongate from front to back, it causes images to blur. You may have noticed your child’s optical prescription getting worse each year. As this happens, he or she requires stronger glasses. This is a telltale sign that your child has myopia.


Correcting the Vision


Research has shown that myopic progression results in the development of other serious eye diseases. Myopia in children can continue to worsen until it stabilizes around age 20. Optometrists have come up with a myopia management program to help correct vision. This program prevents myopia from progressing by implementing different management options.


Myopia Management Solution


An effective myopia management solution involves special contact lenses. These special contact lenses are designed to deal with the root cause of myopic progression, eye elongation. These contacts address this problem while also correcting your child’s vision. Each unique lens is designed with concentric rings that are etched into the edge of its lens to focus light directly on the retina. This corrects the refractive error without elongating the eye further.


MiSight© Contact Lenses


MiSight contact lenses are single-use disposable lenses produced by CooperVision. These FDA-approved contacts control the progression of myopia in children. Clinical studies have proven that the daily wear of soft lenses has been shown to slow down myopia progression in children aged eight to 12. Slowing the progression of nearsightedness reduces your child’s risk of developing a serious eye disease. Your child may avoid more severe conditions later too. Slowing myopia reduces the risk of retinal detachment, glaucoma, and macular degeneration.


Benefits of MiSight Lenses


According to studies, most kids preferred wearing contact lenses rather than eyeglasses. The reports suggested that most of the kids could handle the lenses without help from their parents. Children were happy with MiSight lenses because they were easy to use, comfortable, and improved their vision. The most significant benefit these lenses offer is that they correct distance vision. They are disposable and suitable for children. Kids also love the fact that, with contact lenses, they do not have to wear glasses.


Safety and Effectiveness of MiSight Lenses


Research shows that MiSight lenses are safe and effective for use by children. Clinical trials conducted over three years showed that the lenses managed childhood myopia. When tested alongside traditional contact lenses, they were also more effective. They helped reduce the rate of myopic progression and eye elongation. This makes the lenses an effective option in treating myopia in children.

If your child has been experiencing worsening myopia, you should speak to an optometrist about the MiSight contact lenses. Your child may benefit from these special contact lenses.

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