Risk Factors for Glaucoma

Do you cherish your vision and want to maintain the health of your eyes? If so, learning more about glaucoma risk factors will help you achieve it. Untreated glaucoma, a prevalent eye ailment, can lead to blindness and visual loss. It spares no one, but some things can make it more likely. Understanding the risk factors can help you learn how to maintain eye health and spot problems early.




The likelihood of getting glaucoma rises with age. Persons over 60 are six times more likely than those under 40 to have this eye problem. This is because the eye's drainage system, responsible for regulating eye pressure, becomes less efficient with age.

When it happens, the pressure inside the eye may increase, harming the optic nerve. There is no way to stop aging, but routine comprehensive eye exams can help identify the condition early and prevent further harm.


Family History


Does a family member suffer from this eye condition? If so, your likelihood of developing the illness increases. This is due to glaucoma being genetic. Studies suggest this eye condition can pass on from generation to generation. You must inform your eye doctor if the condition indeed runs in your family. Your doctor will then monitor your eye health more closely.




The likelihood of acquiring glaucoma is higher in specific ethnic groups. Are you of African ancestry? If so, you are more likely to develop the condition. The risk is six to eight times higher than individuals with European ancestry.

Similarly, angle-closure glaucoma is more common in people of Asian heritage. This form of glaucoma may develop when the iris is too close to the eye's drainage angle. Undergoing routine eye exams is crucial if you belong to an ethnic group at high risk for glaucoma.


Medical Conditions


The risk of glaucoma might also increase due to specific medical disorders. For instance, glaucoma is more common in those with diabetes. This is because excessive blood sugar levels can harm eye blood vessels.

The risk is also higher in those with cardiovascular disease and hypertension. These conditions may also damage the eye’s blood vessels. Does a specific medical condition make you more susceptible to developing this eye disorder? If so, let your eye doctor know so they can keep a closer eye on your eye health.


Eye Trauma


You are more likely to develop glaucoma if you sustain eye trauma. This is because an eye injury could harm the drainage system. Increased eye pressure may result from this. Did you sustain an eye injury? If so, let your eye doctor know so they can keep a closer eye on your ocular health.




Glaucoma is not entirely preventable. Fortunately, several things can lower your risk of developing the disease. Regular eye exams are crucial for detecting glaucoma early and preventing further damage.

Are you likely to develop glaucoma? If so, it is critical to inform your eye doctor so they can check your eye health. You may help safeguard your eyesight and maintain your eye health by being aware of the risk factors and taking the required precautions.

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