Top 2023 Eyewear Trends

Optica, the former Optical Society of America, states that having your own style is important for your self-image. Studies show that wearing fashionable items can help you deal with situations and interact with others with more ease. Knowing the latest eyewear trends can help you update your style. Here are the top 2023 eyewear trends that you must consider for your collection. 


Tinted Lenses


Lenses in yellow and orange are popular this year. Aviator-style and metallic frames to these lenses are attracting eyewear enthusiasts. Celebrities like Rihanna are wearing these stylish pieces. Retro seems to be coming back with these 70s-inspired tinted lenses. They can complement your attires and moods. You can easily experiment with the colors and frames. 


Cat’s Eye or Harlequin


This is a timeless eyewear style that never fails to make it on the list each year. The upward frames provide sophistication and mystery to your look. They can complement each face shape because they attract attention to your brow arches. The upward points draw attention to the upper part of your face. Choosing cat’s eye frames with sparkly details at the topmost corners can make your look even more interesting. 




If you want to make a statement, geometric eyeglasses are for you. The shapes available may be unusual and shocking to most people, but it is a playful spin on oversized eyeglasses. Bold colors and wider rims make heads turn. You can also wear these eyeglasses every day. Choose the ones in thin, metal frames for a lighter look. Even a simple shirt or sweater can stand out with these spectacles. 




Oval eyeglasses are returning in 2023. The new feature is the bright colors they offer. People with diamond-shaped faces will find these frames suitable for their aesthetic needs. The style fits individuals with narrow jawlines and foreheads with full cheeks. If you have a long face, the narrow-framed style will fit you the most. Bold and colorful frames will spice up your look. If you have a high prescription, a small oval frame would be an ideal choice. 


Rounded Square


This popular eyewear shape that returned in 2022 is now back with rounded corners. It provides a softer, geeky look. The rounded square shape can work on different facial features. If black frames overwhelm your face too much, you can get a rounded square frame in green or tortoiseshell colors. There are also wire-framed varieties that you can consider.




Soft pastel colors can blend well with your natural fair skin tone. This year, pastels are becoming more popular, especially among individuals with pale complexion and light-colored hair. They add warmth to your appearance. These optical pieces can add more color to your face without being loud about it. 

Updating your eyewear collection with 2023 eyewear trends can keep your image statement relevant. At Optique Vision, we combine form and function when it comes to eyewear. Feel free to visit our clinic in Albany, New York, for an in-person consultation. Please call 518-302-2106 to set an appointment or ask about our 2023 eyewear collection.

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