What Are Cataracts and Can I Get Rid of Them?

If your vision is getting cloudy or blurry, your doctor may recommend prescription glasses or contact lenses. But if your vision fails to improve, you may be having cataracts and needing urgent treatment.


Cataracts are a common eye disease affecting 25 million people in America. The condition is especially common among older people (above 60 years old) and can be treated by an ophthalmologist.


So, What Exactly Are Cataracts?


Cataracts are an eye disease in which the eye lens becomes gradually cloudy or opaque, causing blurry vision. Most cataracts progress slowly over time, making a person feel like he or she is looking through a foggy window.


When cataracts get in the way of your daily activities, a clear, synthetic lens can replace the cloudy lens.


What Is the Main Cause of Cataracts?


Cataracts develop when protein accumulates in the lens of your eye and makes it foggy. As a result, light cannot go through clearly.


The protein buildup can result from aging or injury to the tissues that form your eye lens. That said, several factors can put you at risk for cataracts. These include:


  • Family history of cataracts

  • UV radiation

  • Smoking cigars

  • Using liquor heavily

  • Certain medications and steroids

  • Health conditions like diabetes


Symptoms of Cataracts


You may not notice any signs of cataracts early on. But as they develop, you may have symptoms, including:


  • Blurry or cloudy vision

  • Light and glare sensitivity

  • Double vision

  • Seeing rings or halos around light

  • Trouble noticing contrast at night or in low light


Can You Get Rid of Cataracts on Your Own?


Unfortunately, you cannot get rid of cataracts on your own, and cataracts cannot go away naturally without surgery. Additionally, no eyewear can reverse the condition and no medication can cure it once you develop cataracts.


Some eye specialists are exploring other treatment options, but for the time being, having cataract surgery is the only way you can get rid of cataracts. The good news is that cataract surgery is a quick and simple procedure that not only removes your cataracts but also ensures they can never come back,


Cataract Surgery


To get rid of cataracts, your ophthalmologist will break down and take away your natural, cloudy lens and replace it with an artificial intraocular lens (IOL). Because the IOL lenses are artificial, they cannot get cataracts. The IOLs are also unaffected by other eye problems that attack the lens with time, such as presbyopia.


See Your Eye Doctor


If you think you could be having cataracts, see your ophthalmologist for a comprehensive eye checkup. Cataracts can cause huge changes in your eyesight, and you will have a better chance of improving your vision if diagnosed early. Cataracts can happen in older people and younger adults. Talk to your ophthalmologist about any changes in your vision and other warning signs you could be experiencing.


To learn more about cataracts and whether you can get rid of them, or to book an appointment, call Optique Vision at our office in Albany, New York at (518) 302-2106 today.

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